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The Caribbean
in your hands

Island Stream is a mobile distribution platform that will provide access to the most comprehensive curation of Caribbean and African digital media.



A central hub for the Caribbean and Africa

Island Stream will be equipped with a marketplace for Caribbean & African owned business to sell goods and services to consumers, globally.


The Journey..

The Journey of Island Stream begins with the journey of the Drums from Africa, across the Atlantic, to various stops throughout the Americas and Europe. Each stop having unique influences and inspiration, which has bred different genres of music, all while maintaining points of cultural connection. Each community influences the next community, and popular culture at large, which in turn influences creativity across Africa, Caribbean, and diaspora.


Who are we for?


For the Community

Island Stream will harness the power of the creative community to not only educate, but to also increase accessibility and visibility for marginalized creative practitioners and consumers, alike.



For Artists

Island Stream believes that artists should have a viable and lucrative distribution channel that minimizes traditional music business exploitation.


What we offer

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